Kawayu Onsen, Hongu

Kawayu Onsen is a geological thermal wonder located on the Oto River, a tributary of the Kumano-gawa River. “Kawa” means “river” and “yu” means “hot water”. In Kawayu Onsen hot spring water bubbles to the surface of the crystal clear river.  

All of the properties that we book in Kawayu Onsen are along the river.

The bus ride from Hongo to Kawayu Onsen is similar in length to Hongu to Yunomine Onsen, and Yunomine Onsen is only 7 minutes away by bus.

Kawayu Onsen

The defining feature of Kawayu Onsen is the river. On the north side is a collection of places to stay including a diversity of ryokans, minshukus, and hotels. On the south side of the river is a green forested mountainside. The world heritage Kumano Hongu Taisha and Kumano Kodo pilgrimage routes are close by.

One of the best ways to enjoy Kawayu Onsen is to soak in the soft evening light while watching the warm mist from the river rise slowly into the clean mountain air. You can dig your own bath or bathe in a prepared one.

To find Kawayu Onsen on the map, check out our Hongu Map

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