Hiking Australia

Great Walk of Australia

Australia is home to a stunning range of natural, historical, cultural and luxurious walks located across Tasmania, Victoria, Queensland, South Australia, Western Australia and the Northern Territory. Hiking Trails has partnered with some of the best in the business in these luxurious Australian walks, and we're pleased to offer walks including; 

At Hiking Trails Pty Ltd we're pleased to be able to book these walks for our guests at the same price as booking direct and with our friendly service and helpful advice. To find out more or to check pricing and availability please complete our enquiry form to start the conversation. 

This collection of stunning and premium Australian walks are cooperatively marketed as Great Walks of Australia. We acknowledge this initiative and the walks that they promote and we are excited to partner with the Australian walk operators to deliver exceptional luxury walking experiences to Australian and international walkers.

It’s fair to say that the Great Walks of Australia offer some of the most spectacular mountain, coastal and natural vistas and views of any of the great walks of the world.

The great Australian walks include rich indigenous history, an abundance of native Australian wildlife, native flora and unique species, and stunning mountain, river, desert, forest and coastal vistas and vantage points, not to mention luxury lodges and accommodation, delicious food, charismatic and knowledgable guides and much more.

Hiking Trails Pty Ltd is pleased to be able to partner with the great Australian walk operators and assist our guests in researching and booking these great Australian walks.