Happiness Chikatsuyu


Rental House

Happiness Chikatsuyu is a cottage owned by the lovely Ms. Muya.  It is located in a small grove of trees just north of the Kumano Kodo in Chikatsuyu village next to the Hiki-gawa River.  The cozy cottage has a Japanese-style room, small loft, dining room, and kitchen.  The dining room features a giant wooden table.  The windows look onto the surrounding garden planted with a variety of flowering trees.  Guests often enjoy sitting on the deck or in the private gazebo taking in the peaceful location. 

The two annex buildings (Ken-chan, Masaki) are named after Ms. Muya's grandchildren.  They were built in 2019 in a corner of the property near the river surrounded by Japanese maple trees.  These two annex buildings are identical and each have two Japanese-style rooms, two toilets and two sinks.   The guestrooms are divided by sliding fusuma doors.  As with the main Happiness Chikatsuyu cabin, it is a private rental, there is only one booking per day.

There are two bicycles for each of the three buildings that are free to use, convenient for a cruise around town, or to visit the nearby grocery store to buy food. 

Address; 606-2 Chikatsuyu, Nakahechi-cho, Tanabe City, Wakayama Prefecture 646-1402

Actual rooms booked and meals served may vary from those shown above, as properties often have a range of rooms available and meals vary with seasons and by operator. Similarly, furnishings may vary and subtle property changes over time.

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