Kumano Kodo Maps and Pilgrim Credentials

All of our Self-Guided Kumano Kodo Walking Packages include a Self-Guided Kumano Kodo Trail Map booklet, featuring all the maps you’ll need to navigate your own self-guided Kumano Kodo pilgrimage walk, especially when coupled with your personalised Hiking Trails Pty Ltd digital itinerary, and your pre-walk briefing. 

Kumano Kodo Self-Guided Map Booklet

The Self-Guided Kumano Kodo Trail Map booklet is the guide that you'll take on your Pilgrimage to help you find your way along the trail, and discover any detours you choose to explore. The Kumano Kodo Self-Guided Map Booklet includes map of the walking trail, the villages along the way to help you find your accommodation, track your progress on the trail, plan for the day ahead and more. 

When you book your Kumano Kodo walk with Hiking Trails Pty Ltd, you'll receive your own physical copy of the Self-Guide Kumano Kodo Trail Map booklet at your pre-walk briefing in Ki Tanabe. In the meantime, you can access the Kumano Kodo route maps that align to your personalised itinerary at the links below; 

Dual Pilgrim / Pilgrim Credentials

Your Kumano Kodo pack will include a Pilgrim Credentials booklet. 

The Dual Pilgrim Credential is a type of Passport for Pilgrims. It is used to collect stamps along the trail as a record of the walk. There are two sides, one for the Kumano Kodo and one for the Camino de Santiago, Way of St. James.

To complete the walk in Santiago you need to go to the pilgrim’s office to receive the stamp from the Cathedral.  The completion stamp for the Kumano Kodo is located at the Kumano Hongu Taisha.

Your Kumano Kodo Guidebook and Maps

With each Hiking Trails Pty Ltd Kumano Kodo booking you'll receive;

    1. A personalised Kumano Kodo Pilgrimage Itinerary (emailed)
    2. Hiking Trails bag tags (mailed)
    3. An official Kumano Kodo Self-Guided Trail Map Booklet (collected at the pre-walk briefing)
    4. Camino Kumano Pilgrim Credentials  (collected at the pre-walk briefing)

Kumano Kodo Trail Map Booklet (hikingtrails.com.au)

Once your Self-Guided Kumano Kodo Walking Packages is confirmed, Hiking Trails Pty Ltd will create and email you a personalised itinerary which will work hand-in-hand with your Kumano Kodo Trail Map booklet throughout your journey. 

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