Camino de Santiago

The Camino de Santiago is a route of medieval origin that arose from the discovery of the tomb of the Apostle Santiago in the early Middle Ages. Since then, the city of Santiago de Compostela, where his remains are found, became a city of pilgrimage and one of the capitals of Catholicism.

Early on there was only one route for hiking the Camino de Santiago which was the ‘Camino Primitivo‘, a rugged route that crossed mountains and tested the faith of the believers. It was with the progressive advance of the Reconquista when it became possible for new routes to expand and be developed.

Walking and hiking the Camino de Santiago

Nowadays the Camino Frances has became the most popular route, having new places to explore, and less steep than the ‘Camino del Norte‘.

This importance as a popular route contributed to dynamize the whole area, leading to new routes appearing , such as the Camino Portugues or the Camino from Finisterre, which constitutes today a network that shares the same spirit.

Today, the Camino de Santiago is a route that symbolizes personal effort, adventure and a deep connection with nature and the cultural heritage of Europe.

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The Camino de Santiago Routes

  • Camino Frances – the most popular route
  • Via de la Plata – the longest Camino
  • Camino del Norte – along the sea
  • Camino Ingles – The English Road – the shortest Camino
  • Camino Portugues – Finishes in Santiago de Compostela but starts in Portugal
  • Camino Primitivo
  • Camino Finisterre and Muxia
  • Camino de Madrid

Camino de Santiago self-guided walking packages

Camino de Santiago self-guided walking packages include;

  • Accommodation,
  • Meals,
  • Guidebooks and maps, and
  • Local support in the event you need it.

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The Camino de Santiago from Sarria

The Camino de Santiago (or Way of Saint James) from Sarria is the most popular section of the entire Camino de Santiago. This section, from Sarria to Santiago, is perfect for those pilgrims who want to capture the essence of the Camino de Santiago.

  • Walking 111km, over 7 days / 6 nights
  • Available with Breakfast Only, Breakfast and Dinner, or Breakfast, Dinner and Picnic Lunch. 
  • Staying in Hotels and Country Cottages

In this section, we will have the opportunity to venture off on many pleasant hikes, all while getting to enjoy the wonderful local cuisine. This route is ideal for meeting other pilgrims and immersing ourselves in the incredible natural setting that will accompany us throughout the entire Camino.

We depart from the Galician town of Sarria, which is located about 100 km away from Santiago. The distance of the Camino Frances from Sarria to Santiago is around 100 km, which is the minimum distance required for pilgrims to receive the traditional “Compostela” certificate, verifying they have done the Camino de Santiago.

In this section we will walk through beautiful forests, farmlands and rustic villages following trails and paths that are surrounded by stonewalls. We will be able to admire the beautiful green landscape that is so characteristic of Galicia. At the end of this stage we will reach our destination: Santiago de Compostela.

In Santiago de Compostela we can receive our “Compostela” certificate and visit the city’s beautiful old town, which has been declared a Unesco World Heritage Site.

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