Booking Cancellation and Change - Kumano Kodo, Japan

Booking Cancellation Policy -  Kumano Kodo, Japan

  1. Cancellation including a full refund of payments made to Hiking Trails Pty Ltd less a $300 AUD per person admin fee, plus any international payment or bank transfer fees/losses incurred by Hiking Trails Pty Ltd on your behalf, is available for cancellations requested via email to Hiking Trails Pty Ltd up until 30 days prior to the date of the first Hiking Trails Pty Ltd booked component of the booking.
  2. Bookings Cancelled less than 30 days prior to the date of the first Hiking Trails Pty Ltd booked component of the booking are not refundable.
  3. Booking Cancellation Requests must be submitted in writing from the email address associated to the booking. 
  4. Refunds in the event of a Cancellation requested by the Guest are limited by the policies of Third Party Suppliers and to the extent that Hiking Trails Pty Ltd can access a refund on your behalf. Any additional cancellation timeframes, fees and rules of Third Party Operators including Walk Operators where applicable will be applied in addition to Hiking Trails Pty Ltd Cancellation Policy and fees.
  5. Where Hiking Trails Pty Ltd is required to recover payments made to Third Party Operators on your behalf in order to execute a refund to you, the refund will not be completed until funds paid out to Third Party Operators have been returned to the accounts of Hiking Trails Pty Ltd. This process may take several weeks.
  6. As Cancellation refunds are subject to Third Party Operator policies and practises, we recommend sourcing appropriate Travel Insurance that will cover you in the event a Refund cannot be completed in full or part.
  7. Hiking Trails Pty Ltd is an Australian company, as such refunds in the event of Cancellation, less any fees and on-costs can only be paid into Australian bank accounts via direct deposit or via PayPal into a requested account.
  8. If for reasons beyond our control such as but not limited to; weather, bankruptcy or insolvency, conflict, political unrest, legal obligations, illegal activity, pandemic, war, terrorism, Covid-19 or other pandemic events and subsequent travel restrictions, or force majeur, payments made to external Third Party Operators cannot be recovered, this will limit Hiking Trails Pty Ltd ability to offer a full refund. For this reason we strongly recommend that you source appropriate Travel Insurance for your booking.

The cancellation fee covers a combination of; international exchange fees and fluctuations incurred on your behalf, bank fees, guidebooks, maps and postage, and our time in coordinating your booking and building your personalised itinerary. If you would like to request a refund with a reduced cancellation fee for hardship reasons please let me know as we are trying to be fair to guests during this tough time.

Booking Change Policy

We get it, things change!

We’re here to continue to assist with your booking when you need us.

Significant changes to a booking such as changes to dates, selected accommodation, or accommodation location/village, after a booking has been confirmed do take time and effort and often incur additional costs, and will incur the following change fees;

  1. Change costs of any Third Party services and operators and their change fees will be charged at cost converted to Australian Dollars and inclusive of any additional foreign exchange and/or bank fees converted to AUD at the time that the change is made, plus
  2. A $150 AUD per person ‘Change Processing Fee’ applied by Hiking Trails Pty Ltd.
  3. Booking Change Fees apply after a booking has been confirmed. Confirmation is defined as the written acceptance of a proposed itinerary or booking, and/or completion of any payment in part or full towards the booking.

For details of Hiking Trails Pty Ltd Terms and Conditions, click here.

Hiking Trails Pty Ltd strongly recommend that guests book Travel Insurance.