What to take on a day hike?

Wondering what are the essentials to pack and carry on a day hike or a multi day hike where you're lucky enough to have your main luggage transported ahead such as happens on our original Kumano Kodo Japan walking tours and on our partner Great Walks of Australia walking adventures? Well here's our take...

If you don't need your changes of clothes, toiletries, bulk luggage etc, then here are our recommendations to make sure you're comfortable for the day on the track.

Water for hydration and snacks for energy. For hydration there's a couple of options, a Camelbak hydration backpack that has an internal water bladder to make carrying a litre or two of water easy and a an access hose and nozzle to make having a sip on the trail easy, or the alternative is carrying water bottles in your regular day pack. Both work, if you're carrying lots of water the built in bladder can be more comfortable and spread the weight better. Similarly, don't forget to pack energy snacks, including a small back-up supply in case you spend longer then expected on the track. Snacks can include nuts, dried fruit, muesli bars and lollies. Avoid salty snacks as they'll just make you more thirsty.

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Walking poles, also referred to as hiking poles or trekking poles help provide stability on the trail, particularly on uneven, slippery, ascending or descending tracks. Walking poles will help you feel more stable, take some of the weight off your legs and back, and help prevent toppling over. 

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For when things don't go quite to plan, we'd suggest having a head torch in case you find yourself on the trail later than expected. A light weight multi tool because you never know when a zip will break, a screw will come loose, a cord will need cutting, or a package will need opening. A phone or radio for calling for help if you get lost or injured. A map and depending on the type of walk a compass to help you stay on trail and find your way to your destination. And don't forget the sunscreen, insect repellent and basic first aid supplies. 

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And then there's what to wear... The weather can change quickly in coastal and mountain areas (which is generally where we like to hike) so make sure you have a waterproof and windproof jacket, sun hat, beanie, light weight gloves, good breathable base layers (we love natural merino fibres), good socks including a spare pair so you can swap for dry socks if you cross a creek, get sweaty through the day. Dry woollen comfortable socks is the best way to prevent blisters. 

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And finally, don't forget;

  1. Good, comfortable, non-slip hiking footwear
  2. To tell people where you're going and when you'll be back
  3. To check the local conditions and weather before your hike
  4. To ensure your walk is within your fitness and technical ability 

Hike safe and enjoy the walk. 


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