The Kumano Kodo Nakahechi Imperial Route

This route that we promote, recommend and book for our guests wishing to walk the Kumano Kodo is most often the Nakahechi Imperial Route over the first three days, followed by the Ogumotori-goe and the Kogumotori-goe. It takes in two of the grand temples of the Kumano Kodo, the Nachi waterfalls, and covers picturesque mountain terrain and passes through authentic rural Japanese villages.

A summary of the daily walking is;

  • Day 1, 4km, allow 2-3 hours, 430m ascent / 200m descent 
  • Day 2, 13km, allow 6-8 hours, 830m ascent / 650m descent
  • Day 3, 21.5km, allow 8-11 hours, 960m ascent / 1440m descent (option to shorten via local bus)
  • Day 4 - Rest day (optional) to explore Yunomine Onsen and Hongu Taisha Temple 
  • Day 4, 13km, allow 5-6 hours, 670m ascent / 690m descent
  • Day 5, 14km, allow 7-9 hours, 1260m ascent / 930m descent

The route does require catching a couple of local buses, and the details of these would be included in your personalised itinerary if you proceed to book. 

To find out more about the Kumano Kodo and our walking packages please visit the Kumano Kodo pages of this website.