Minshuku Takiyoshi

Yunomine Onsen


Minshuku Takiyoshi is the first accommodation near the south entrance to the historic Yunomine Onsen village.  It is a four-story building with 7 Japanese style guestrooms. The first floor and second floor guestrooms were renovated in April 2021. Toilets, sinks, and hot spring baths are communal.  The hot spring baths are filled with the famous healing mineral waters of Yunomine Onsen and have a view onto the green mountainside.  Meals are served in the dining room on the first floor.  Meals feature local ingredients, especially seafood.  The name of the lodging is a combination of the names of the owners.  The “Taki” part of the name is the same character as waterfall, subsequently each room is named after a local cascade, with associated picture above the guestroom door.

Address; 260-4 Yunomine, Hongu-cho, Tanabe City, Wakayama Prefecture, 647-1732

Above; View from Minshuku

Actual rooms booked and meals served may vary from those shown above, as properties often have a range of rooms available and meals vary with seasons and by operator. Similarly, furnishings may vary and subtle property changes over time.

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