Hiking Trails launches HikingJapan.com

We’re delighted to launch a new landing page specific to the Kumano Kodo walk in Japan, and in preparation for a handful of new Japanese walks we’re working to launch into our offering when the travel world reawakens out the other side of COVID19.

The new Kumano Kodo landing page is live now at https://hikingjapan.com

Kumano Kodo Japan x Hiking Trails Pty Ltd

“We understand it’s a strange time to launch new products and marketing channels whilst international travel is essentially stopped, however the slow down in bookings has allowed us more time to evolve the business and our walks, service, and refine our marketing in preparation for the anticipated excitement we’ll share with our guests upon the resumption of global travel somewhere in 2021 or soon after” Nick Noble, Hiking Trails founder.

“The great thing about an ancient walk like the Kumano Kodo in Japan is that it’s been there for thousands of years, and will be still there when our travelling lives return to the new normal”.

Please check out the new hikingjapan.com landing page and share the link if you’re comfortable to help us launch this new site.

Kumano Kodo Japan x Hiking Trails Pty Ltd