Cradle Mountain Huts Walk Availability

With international travel on hold due to you know what, and our greater than ever desire and keenness to enjoy our freedom, travel, adventure, live life, and experience the outdoors, Australia's great walks have been filling up really quickly. 

Aussie's are a resilient, mostly patient, and adventurous bunch, and getting out and exploring our own backyard and experiencing some of the best of Australia is exactly what we all need. 

Whilst it'll be tricky to now (at the time of writing) book onto the Cradle Mountain Huts Walk for January - April 2022, there is still good availability through May 2022, along with some last minute spots in November and December 2021 for those who can travel to Tassie and the optimists amongst us. 

To find out more about booking the Cradle Mountain Huts Walk, please visit the walk page here and complete an enquiry form at the bottom.

We'd love to help you out. 

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