COVID-19 Update – An update for Our Guests

To our Current, Past and Future Guests.

As the world grapples with the unprecedented disruption and concern presented by the current and rapidly evolving coronavirus COVID-19, our thoughts go out to all people impacted in health, employment, grief and financial situation all over the world.

The travel and tourism sector is one of many that has been significantly disrupted by this current crisis caused by the pandemic, and our business, Hiking Trails Pty Ltd has certainly been impacted in a manner that could not have been foreseen, that has been incredibly challenging, and that has essentially stopped all new enquiries and bookings in a very short period of time. The impact of this is on-going, and our intention is to work with and support our customers and partners, and to learn from this pandemic and crisis to ensure we evolve our systems to rebuild more robust as the tourism industry re-awakens in the future.

Whilst currently we remain open and available to assist guests and travel partners with current and potential bookings, we acknowledge that it will be a long road to recovery for ourselves, our partners and our industry, and we don’t anticipate receiving new international bookings until travel restrictions begin to lift in the future, flights resume, and many of the walks that have been closed re-open.

Throughout March and April we processed an unprecedented number of booking cancellations, which was amplified by the fact this period included the Japanese spring blossums which is an extremely popular time to travel, along with Golden Week.

We have introduced a new approach to promote and serve a range of Australia’s Great Walks to both maintain operations for ourselves and our customers whilst borders remain closed and as domestic Australian travel and tourism resumes, and to support these brilliant Australian walks and walk operators in recovering from COVID-19. The promotion of these Australian walks will be in addition to our niche in Japan, and other international regions and walks.

We would like to thank all of our guests for their patience as we have processed these booking changes, and particularly all those who have accepted an adjustment note towards future travel. Additionally, we’d like to thank our overseas travel partners for their assistance in processing booking adjustments, cancellations, credits, and refunds.

For guests with upcoming and future bookings, we have spoken to most or all, but as your concerns (or optimism) change, please let us know so as we can evolve your booking as necessary with you. If needed please see our Booking Cancellation and Change Policy.

Fingers crossed that the global COVID-19 pandemic begins to see some positive results in the near future, and the impact on families and businesses is as good as can be.

#flattenthecurve #stayhomestayfit

Thank you.

Nick Noble